Small Makeup Gift Haul!

A friend of mine stopped by last night for a visit and gave me a belated birthday present….Makeup from Ulta! Fuck yeah grrl!

Sephora online Birthday order #2!

There are a couple of reasons this order was broken in to two; Sephora Flash Subscription ($10/year for free 2-day shipping on all online Sephora orders), I hadn’t decided on which lipsticks I wanted to purchase when I placed my first birthday order the week before, and lastly I like to place small Sephora online orders to take advantage of the free gifts with purchase. 

Sephora online Birthday order #1!

It was my birthday recently and in order to collect my free birthday gift from Sephora I decided to place an order online since I had just recently learned about the Sephora Flash Subscription ($10/year for free 2-day shipping on all online Sephora orders)!

Ulta online Birthday Purchases

I went in to ULTA around my birthday, which was also during the 21 days of beauty sale to snag a crap-load of beauty steals and my free birthday gift. When I went in that day they were out of stock in-store and online of one of the items I specifically went in for, the Tarte Maracuja Oil (1.7 oz) which was 50% off so I kept anxiously checking every day online to see if the oil was back in stock.

Skincare & Tools – Mini Haul #2

     I got this haul in over the last week but have been crazy busy and behind on numerous posts, but we’ll start with this one!      First off I purchased some cheap sheet masks for daily use. I have come to think of these Dermal Korea Sheet Masks as pretty nice for the…

Skincare & Tools – Mini Haul #1!

I got my first mini haul in!           I reupped on a couple of products: REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask and the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (I prefer the small jars and tubes for storing in my skincare drawers). I have been doing these two masks back to back on the weekends after a…