Birchbox Smeared in Burgundy Lip Butter :( February 2017 Unboxing

There are two reasons this post is so incredibly late: First off my February 2017 Birchbox arrived damaged and my sample choice (a dark burgundy lip butter) had come apart and gotten over everything else in the box. Secondly, the day I received my Birchbox my father went in to the ER for emergency surgery having a cancerous mass removed from his colon that we know now has spread to his spine, lymph, and liver. Not trying to be a downer but it happened very fast (he’s 59), no previous indication and he now has about two months to live without treatment. Hug your loved ones. On to this damned Birchbox!

When I got the box, the outside was damaged but not too bad. I really didn’t think there’d be any internal hits taken. Outer box had bent in corner, inner box looks pristine from the top (and a really lovely print).

Upon opening this not too cutesy heart & lip motif I was absolutely horrified.



     I’m not proud but I have an aversion to sticky things, especially on my hands and face. I will go to great lengths to avoid having to touch things that are gooey, sticky, or have a residue. I wanted to throw the whole box away. My sample choice for this box, LAQA & Co. Avo Lip Butter in Ninza, was the culprit. They were out of my first pick for the sample choice so I decided to try the lip butter since I don’t have a lot of lipsticks at this time. I have all the regrets. The tube for the lip butter is super thin and crappy, not surprised in the least it came loose and ravaged the other items during the long transport up to Alaska. There is a few uses left for this lip butter (the picture below shows it twisted all the way up), but the stick is all misshapen so I’m not sure it’s worth the time of having to fix uneven application. I went and looked at the reviews for the butter on the Birchbox site and apparently MANY arrived broken and/or damaged. Figure out how to send lipsticks guys, people have been doing it for longer than most of us have been alive.

     Once I got the courage to take the items out of the box and attempt to clean them off I was severely disappointed. The second item in my February box is Davines SŪ Hair & Body Wash (2.5 oz). I rarely use the hair product samples. The only saving grace to this one is that it is a body wash too. I will take it to the gym. The third item is another hair product, sigh, Oribe’s Crème for Style (.5 oz). Nope, not gonna use, don’t give two squats about.

My next product is Prescriptives Camouflage Cream in Warm Medium 04 (.24 oz). This is the one product in here that I am happy with. It’s a bit on the lighter side for me but it’s close enough to work I think and I would only be using it to cover small spots like pimples and hyper-pigmentation. After searching for it on eBay to find the value of the sample size, it looks like this shade is on the more expensive side with a full size going for about $50 (.5 oz tube) . The sample size is .24 oz so that’s a really nice amount of product!

The last sample in my February Birchbox is a CLEAN White Woods Eau de Parfum (1 ml). Damn it Birchbox, please make the maximum fragrance samples 3x/year not 6. I hate, hate, hate perfume. I would so much rather have a teeny, tiny body spray sample than a stupid vial of nasty fragrance.

The product card, like the box; lovely from the top, smeared in lipstick on the bottom.

          My February 2017 Birchbox contained a total of 5 items: LAQA & Co. Avo Lip Butter in Ninza ($5.50 value), Davines SŪ Hair & Body Wash ($6 value), Oribe’s Crème for Style ($7 value), Prescriptives Camouflage Cream in Warm Medium 04 ($25 value), CLEAN White Woods Eau de Parfum ($3 value) for a total sample value of $41 after subtracting the value of the ruined lip butter. This was my most disappointing Birchbox ever, still a good value for the box but only due to that Prescriptives Camouflage Cream being not only something I will use but a pricey item.

As with most of my Birchboxes there are hair products and perfume which I am not going to use. I will use the body wash (really a hair product tho) and the concealer, and unfortunately there is not much to be done with the lip butter. I did contact customer service, this was the reply when I told them the box had arrived with the lip butter damaged:

Roberto Roberto (Birchbox)

Mar 1, 5:34 PM EST


Thanks for your reply!

Thankfully all your samples are in tact & the product inside them are not damaged! I’m so sorry to hear about the issue with the LAQA & Co. Avo Lip Butter sample!

I’d love to send you a replacement, but we no longer have this sample available. I’ll be adding 50 Birchbox Points (good for $5 in our Shop to your account in compensation. Your Points balance will update within 3 business days.

We’re so sorry we weren’t able to replace this product for you to try and hope your Points go toward something you love. Learn more about Birchbox Points and your current balance here.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and please don’t hesitate to reply here with any further questions or concerns.

Have a great day!


Check out our Beauty Deals and BirchboxMan Steals! Discounts will automatically apply at checkout.

The $5 in Birchbox points is totally fine compensation. What I did not like is that the email started with telling me that all my samples were intact when they CLEARLY were not.


Don’t doublespeak me Roberto!

Did you get the butter, if so was it damaged? What compensation were you offered for this or another damaged item?

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ipsy Glam Bag Unbagging February 2017

It’s always a pleasure to rip open the packaging on a subscription service and today was no different other than I received my ipsy Glam Bag and my 3B Bag on the same day! Two unboxings and 10 new products! Happy dance!


First impression, and it seems to be the majority of ipsy subscriber’s feelings; this bag is UGLY. I personally don’t wear jeans or denim so it’s extra bad for my style and taste preferences – moving on though!

My February ipsy Glam bag was chocked full of awesome! I finally reviewed my bag on time (I didn’t realize that timeliness was a thing with bag and product reviews to have input on your next bag selections) and changed my preferences and am really happy with the products this month. My favorite bag products probably since summer 2016.

The ipsy insert card, as usual, is completely useless.

The first item this month is a full size tube of  NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry! This item is the one I’m least excited about, but it is a great color and I will try it, I just don’t wear lipstick often. The second item in my bag is a BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser with Sugar, mint, Oats, & Rice (1 oz). I have never heard of the brand, but it seems decent looking at their website. I have finally settled on my daily non-oil cleanser (CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser) but am always in need of travel size cleansers for the gym or my shower.

My third item in the bag is the Royal & Langnickel Fan Brush – I do not own and have never owned a fan brush so it is a more than welcome addition to my newly collected set of gorgeous brushes from ipsy. It is a lovely deep purple with purple tipped hairs and I love it. The next product I received is another full size – BelláPierre Cosmetics Volumelash Waterproof Mascara! Got this just in time, just ran out of my Smashbox sample tube of mascara and the last two minis I tried (Tarte and Madlash) were AWFUL. Happy dance again!!!

The fifth and final product this month is another full size – Luna by Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in Calypso. The color is a shimmery coppery lavender, if you can imagine that. I may update with a swatch later. I’m really happy with this one; I’ve been gently experimenting with bronzers and highlighters and really love how Cydnee on the ipsy site used this on her eyes for an intense brightening effect.

20170222_1858561.jpg          My February 2017 ipsy Glam Bag contained the follpowing 5 items: NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry ($6 value), BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser ($6.83 value), Royal & Langnickel Fan Brush ($6 value),  BelláPierre  Cosmetics Volumelash Waterproof Mascara ($20 value, and ),  Luna by Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in Calypso ($23 value) for a total sample value of $61.83. If I were to get the mascara and the highlighter off of eBay as opposed to their manufacturer’s websites that would drop the value down to a total of $41.83. This bag came with a beauty tool, 3 full size make-up products, and a travel size cleanser and all in all was a very good value to me personally based on foreseen use as well as a good bang for the $10 monthly subscription cost! Great job this month ipsy!

How was your ipsy bag this month? has anyone used the cleanser?

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-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.

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Beauty Beyond Borders (3b) January 2017 Unbagging

I always look forward to my Beauty Beyond Borders (3b) subscription coming in. It always arrives three days within the shipping notification email and every month I try out new Asian skincare brands and products. I also have the grandfathered in price of $12/box so I feel like I’m getting an even better deal than the $14-$15/month newer subscribers pay.

20170128_154202.jpgAs is is the norm, the 3b samples arrived in a thin organza bag packaged inside a orangish-red box. Inside the bag this month were…MASKS! 6 different kinds – 2 wash off and 4 sheets. This is the first time my 3b bag has been themed in any way, and though I love theme bags I have a shit-ton of sheet masks from a recent haul. I am eyeing one of those sheet masks those, that Hada Labo looks like it will be especially soothing.


3b product card with descriptions and directions.

I seriously love their product cards, useful product info and directions.

The first mask in my January 2017 3b bag is a 23.5N Rice Soothing Gel Mask. I really love wash off masks – it’s where I started my skincare journey decades ago and the ritual has always felt relaxing and renewing for me. I have not tried anything from this Taiwanese brand so I get to try something new. The jar is nice, it doesn’t feel cheap.

I’m going to go out of card order and skipping to the next wash off face mask WEI Beauty’s Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask because I photographed them together. I have tried a few products by WEI, and like them well enough so far. I am very happy this is a mud mask, I love mud masks but many of them are so harsh and drying. The card says it doesn’t have that tight texture as it dries so here’s to hoping this one is a bit more gentle than a standard European mud mask!



The third mask in my bag is the one I was eyeing earlier, the Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask. I love Hada Labo Tokyo, the few products I have tried of theirs have been so soothing and non-irritating for me. I adore their Hyaluronic Acid lotion and just imagine the feel of that swathed all over my face for a half hour (bliss)! The next mask is a MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask. Another Korean brand I am not familiar with. There seems to be a theme of soothing and moisturizing going on with these masks and what a prefect time – dead of winter in the Arctic here!


The 5th mask in the 3b bag this month is a SkinRX Madacera Express Sheet Mask. Another new Korean brand for me! At first I was a little disappointed by all the sheet masks, but upon further inspection I am pretty pleased with the selection. Lastly we have the Extreme Moisture Sheet Mask by For Beloved Girl. I have never heard of the brand that makes this mask, For Beloved One, but it is apparently really big in Taiwan so again, new brand for me and that is one of the many reasons I love Beauty Beyond Borders!


My January 2017 Beauty Beyond Borders (3b) bag contained 6 items: 23.5N Rice Soothing Gel Mask ($6 value), WEI Beauty’s Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask ($5 value), Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask ($4 value), MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask ($7 value), SkinRX Madacera Express Sheet Mask ($6 value),  Extreme Moisture Sheet Mask by For Beloved Girl ($3 value) for a total sample value of $31. This is a great selection of masks and a great selection of Asian brands, I am very happy with this box though it is probably my least favorite 3b box sent so far.

Does anyone else get 3b? Let me know below!

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-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.

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Birchbox January 2017 Unboxing

My January Birchbox came late in the month as is the norm but I was very excited to see what was inside other than my chosen sample. The box itself is not to my liking, the print is pretty hideous but really who subscribes for the custom boxes?


The Product Card:


The first item up in my January Birchbox is my chosen sample Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment (5 ml)!  It will be my first time using a lactic acid treatment so that it kinda cool. I was expecting a wash-off mask but it appears to be more like a moisturizer. I look forward to trying this out but at the price ($105/oz) there’s no way I’d ever buy the full size no matter how freaking great it worked. Also it is a really small sample size at 5 ml, I doubt one would see much difference in the few uses it contains.  My second sample item this month is a sample vial of Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose Eau de Toilette (.o5 fl oz). This I will not use, I really truly hate fragrance samples so we’ll just blow past that. The third product in my box is Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (1.5 ml). Yay! I am almost out of my previous eye cream (Lirikos Marine Eye Cream) sample packets and am still testing different ones out. I haven’t used an Origins product in years so it’s nice to receive a sample from them.

Next up is the PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo (30 ml). There was also a smaller packet of the conditioner (12 ml) as a “Bonus”. A little less bothersome than fragrance samples but still fairly useless to me. These can be donated.  My fifth sample this month is the derma e Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid (14 g). I am not familiar with this brand but I do not have a night cream currently, the full size isn’t too expensive, and it looks like a really generous size. Though once I opened it up to look at the cream, it looked like an awful lot was missing (or the container was a misleading size/poor choice). Still though, a decent amount but I am tempted to weigh it before and after to see if there actually was 14 g of product in that container.

The 6th and final item in my January 2017 Birchbox is an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (1.2 g) in Black. I still have one of these unopened from a Birchbox 7 or 8 months ago, I don’t wear black eyeliner. I really need to give these away soon, I’m starting to amass black eyeliner from Birchbox and ipsy.


My January 2017 Birchbox contained a total of 7 items including the bonus conditioner: Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment ($17.65 value), Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose Eau de Toilette ($2.81 value), Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($3 value), PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo ($2.75 value) + Conditioner ($1.13 value), derma e Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid ($7.38 value), and Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black ($10.29 value) for a total sample value of $45.01. As with most of my Birchboxes there’s shampoo, conditioner, and perfume which I am not going to use. I also will not use the black eyeliner. I will use the lactic acid treatment, eye cream, and the night cream. Once again they sent an item that is not in my preferences, but there are 7 items in the box. I’m pretty happy with this box – the three items I will use add up to more than the cost of the box and I can give away the rest.

What did you choose in your box for January?

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-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.


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My first Haul!

I finally got my first haul! For the last year I’ve been purchasing an item at a time and using a lot of samples and products from my 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders) subscription. The haul arrived over the course of about 5 days as I ordered from multiple places. The first thing to arrive was 3 boxes of mask sheets from (they were having a ridiculous Holiday sale and free shipping).

BhEa9hYI ended up ordering three 10 packs of Leaders Insolution masks! I have liked every mask I have tried of theirs and they fit pretty decent (I still make small slits at the corner of the eyes and mouth for better adhesion). I have recently introduced actives in to my routine so my first choice was the 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask. I have aging, sun damaged skin so the second choice was the 7 Wonders Tundra Anti-Aging Mask. I am also prone to breakouts so my last pick was the AC Clear treatment Mask. I love all three of these masks. I use about 5 masks a week and they are good for almost another year so i haven’t gone overboard, yet. In addition to the ones pictured above, I purchased a few Llang masks, pictured below and got a few as free samples (I haven’t tried any Llang masks yet).

yR3nisIOver the next few days orders came in from ebay and Amazon. I got a few Lebelage Red Ginseng and Nature Republic Avocado Masks – I haven’t tried either of these brands masks yet, I’m not expecting much but wanted a few cheaper masks to add to the drawer of Dermal masks.

The next product in my haul is the CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I kinda jumped into the CosRx – I had been using LadyKin’s Affinitic Snail Cream sample previously and I liked it a lot but decided to go with something more pure and with better dispensing, but damn those mini snail jars from LadyKin are the most freakin cute containers ever. Just. Look. At. It. It’s leaving a trail of light, aww so cute!

20170121_113134.jpgI use them for keeping ibuprofen and mints in on my desk at work. I really like the CosRx though it has a much different consistency. It feels lighter on my face even though it’s slightly more sticky.

I received  a sample of Etude House’s Age Defense Essential Softener in my 3B and bought this as soon as it ran out . It is a toner and works well for me on days when my skin is oilier or I have to wear heavy makeup for shows.

Next item is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Birchbox sent me one of these little jars, it was my first time using a BHA, and I absolutely love it. Too bad it is so freaking expensive, like 50 bucks for an ounce. I bought these 2 sample jars at a pretty reduced per ounce rate so am feeling pretty good with myself about that! Then their is my new cleansing toner – SkinFood’s Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2x Light. They are small bottles! I use it twice a day! I’m not hoarding, I swear!

I got some sample packets of a few items too. Holika Holika’s Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Foam and Peeling GelLirikos’ Marine Antiaging OA Eye Cream, Marine Rejuvinating Fermented Serum, and Marine Hydro Intense Cream. Hera’s Collagen-Up Eye Cream, Oil Serum Magic Formula, and Waterin Gel Cream.

hG0gEPcI also purchased a thick bow headband, some decanting jars, pH strips, and Clean & Clear Advantage acne spot treatment (salicylic acid 2%).

Successful first haul!

Has anyone tried any of these? Let me know your experience below if so!

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-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.

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ipsy Glam Bag January 2017 Unbagging

It’s ipsy time! My January 2017 Ipsy bag was mos def my thinnest yet, I was surprised at how slim it was when I pulled it out of the mailbox.

The bag is cool, like everyone else I got the  bag that is supposedly reminiscent of a certain famous skyscraper, but it makes me think of machines, rivets, computers, and guns. I really like the idea of theme bags (content-wise), something I wish ipsy would delve a little deeper in to.

fbvocj6.jpg          The first item in my January 2017 ipsy Glam Bag is a Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss (4 ml) in Method to Madness. I’m not too happy with this item right off the bat, I have never had lip glosses checked as something I am interested in on my ipsy profile. I do like that it is a neutral shade and may give it a try, but it’s unlikely. I like lip stains and long lasting lipsticks, and I rarely use those. The second item is Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 (7.1 ml) in Light Medium. Another item I am not stoked about; BB Creams are too light for my complexion. I have a very tan and olive skin tone and every BB Cream I have tried looks like I smeared a crappy zinc-oxide sunscreen on my face under some crappier foundation. Another profile miss – don’t use these types of products. The third item in my bag is a TEMPTU Base Smooth & Matte Primer (7.5 ml). Strike 3 ipsy! Rarely use use these types of products.

My next Glam Bag product is the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel (10 ml). Now this I like! I haven’t really been in to protein peels in the past, I felt like they don’t do much for my skin but I’m giving them another try. I also got a sample of this in my December Birchbox, so I can use it for 3 times as long, yes that’s right 3 times as long because the ipsy sample is twice as big as the Birchbox sample! Deceptively so too; I’ve used my Birchbox sample a few times already and I hate how large the cap is. Who do they think they’re fooling? Just look at this below…


So dumb.

Thank you ipsy for the respectably sized sample and less wasteful packaging.

The last item in my bag is the SLMissGlam Blend Beauty Brush L34. This brush is really fabulous, looks like a freaking unicorn horn. I dig this item, it’s gorgeous and I will absolutely use it.

dllepvf-1.jpg          My ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag contained 5 items: Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss ($6.99 value), Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 ($10.50 value), TEMPTU Base Smooth & Matte Primer ($6 value) , Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel ($9.60 value),  SLMissGlam Blend Beauty Brush L34 ($7 value) for a total sample of $40.09. I’m not really in to most of this bag, there only 2 items I know I will use. However the value of those two items ($16.60) exceed the cost of the bag ($10) so it would be unreasonable to be unhappy with it. It’s not a bad bag, I just wish ipsy would pay more attention to the preferences in your profile.

Is anyone else getting items month after month in their ipsy Glam bags that they have not checked in their preferences? Has anyone else tried the Real Chemistry Peel? Please let me know below in the comments!

-I’m on Reddit at /r/asianbeauty r/beautyboxes r/koreanbeauty r/skincareaddiction

-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.

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What is Next (WIN)? January 2017 Unboxing

This is my second month of subscribing to WIN? Beauty Kit. WIN is an Asian skincare subscription service ($14/month). Let’s get right to the unboxing!

twydGinJanuary’s bag is a pastel toned floral print, I like it but it reminds me very much of last month’s bag (not nearly as cute as the ones I’ve seen online from past months). Once again the bag is larger than the standard make-up bag, and thicker too.

stvjPgr          I was intrigued immediately upon opening the bag; there was an awkward looking, brightly colored sponge looking thing I had never seen anything before! First item out of the bag is the Missha Bubble Maker & Face Sponge. Apparently you put your face wash on this tool (it’s a little mesh bag containing a few sponges strung together) and make a lather, then you take the lather from the tool with your hands and wash your face. I’m going to give it a try but I feel like this is  1) a really pointless tool that will likely result in more product being used than necessary even though it’s probably supposed to do the opposite, 2) another step in the cleansing process,  and 3) something that needs to be kept clean. Boooooooo.

hmebuUS         The second product this month is the Etude House True Relief Moist Emulsion (15 ml). The product card says it is alcohol and fragrance free so, yay! Although Etude House’s marketing doesn’t really hit my demographic I have completely fallen in love with their Honey Cera line and the Age Defense Essential Softener. The True Relief packaging and design reminds me of these in that it feels a little more mature than many of their product lines. I battle with dry, flaky skin so will mos def be giving this emulsion a try soon. Next up we have a Welcos Aqua Jeju Natural Green tea Mask (20 ml). Jeju is so hawt right now. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, Jeju is the name of a province and the largest city on Jejudo Island in South Korea. A  variety of masks were sent out, the one I received was the green tea version.

The fourth item in the January WIN beauty kit is SkinFood’s Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub 2x (20 ml). I am currently using and just repurchased the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2x Light and I love love love it but haven’t tried anything else in their Black Sugar line. Looks like a decent amount of product in the little pot, may actually be able to evaluate it’s effectiveness! The last item in the bag is the 3W Clinic Exfoliating Soap (150 g). Two different types were sent out, Charcoal and Jahwangsu Rosehip. I was sent the Rosehip. Bar soap… Bar… soap. Bar soap? Really? Gross. I haven’t used bar soaps for anything since around 1996 or so. And although I don’t use bar soap, had it been charcoal I may have shaved it into individual use pieces for the shower or gym. As is, it’s rose bar soap and I have no time in my life for something like that.

Awesomely informative 3B product card:

H4WYj77          The What is Next? (WIN) Beauty Kit January 2017 bag included 5 items:  Missha Bubble Maker & Face Sponge ($3.29 value),  Etude House True Relief Moist Emulsion ($1.99 value), Welcos Aqua Jeju Natural Green tea Mask ($.77 value), SkinFood’s Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub 2x ($1.59 value), and 3W Clinic Exfoliating Soap in Jahwangsu Rosehip ($5.93 value) for a total sample value of $13.57, cost of bag = $14.  All in all I am underwhelmed by this month’s bag. The value of the bag is less than it cost, and though that is not what I put the most weight on when rating a bag it still sticks out, especially when compared to other subscription sample services. I’m disappointed in the bar soap, lack-luster about the facial sponge that isn’t supposed to touch your face, and I have far better face masks in my collection. The scrub and the emulsion will both be used, but slightly larger sizes would have been much more appreciated.

This was my second and final WIN? Beauty Kit for the following reasons: lowest value to cost ratio of any of my subscriptions, not a large range of brands (low to mid level, nothing high-end), “full-sizes” were items like sheet masks and bar soap, small sample sizes, limited website – no description of past bag’s products in case you lose your product card,   no customization or profile, I subscribe to another Asian skincare sample bag (3B) that costs less and has far more value to me.

With that being said, signing up and cancelling was easy. If WIN? changes their service up a bit, I would try it again.

-Link to What is Next Beauty Kit website:

-I’m on Reddit at /r/asianbeauty r/beautyboxes r/koreanbeauty r/skincareaddiction

-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself.





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