ipsy Glam Bag July 2017

It’s ipsy Glam Bag time!

If you’re unfamiliar ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you 5 beauty products for $10/month. If you’d like to give them a try: ipsy Glam Bag Sign-up.

Garden of Eatin’ Organic Ranch Corn Tortilla Chips Review

     Earlier in the year I signed up for a program online called MyMagazine Sharing Network. As a part of one of the “missions” I had been selected for they sent me a box of free organic product samples for my consideration. This mission is called “Organics Everyday” and the box included 3 bags of chips, a can of beans, and coupons to redeem half a dozen various free organic items like peanut powder and iced tea.

Ulta Gel Eyeliners 5x points purchase

Ulta is having a 5x points earned on all Ulta products promotion until July 22nd and I’ve had a $20 Ulta Gift Card I have been holding on to for about 3 months now waiting for a good time to use.

Organics Everyday Mission with MyMagazine Sharing Network

My Organics Everyday Mission Box with MyMagazine Sharing Network included:

Simply Organic Tostitos Scoops
Garden of Eatin’ Organic Nacho Corn Tortilla Chips
Garden of Eatin’ Organic Ranch Corn Tortilla Chips
Bush’s Best New Organic Garbonzo Beans
Coupon to redeem FOR FREE: Santa Cruz Organic Carbonated Beverage (Any Variety 12 oz)

ipsy Spoiler – More Sample Selections for August 2017

More Sample Selections for the August ipsy Glam Bag are up! 

You can choose which of the five you’d like by emailing customer service at support@ipsy.com and asking them to include the sample of your choice. Be sure to email by July 31st to ensure your selection is included in your bag.

Birchbox Select July 2017 (Beta box #3)

This is my third month subscribing to Birchbox Select – Beta. I was surprised at the box design, it seems very wintery to me but I do like it the colors and pattern.

My first Play! by Sephora (July 2017, bag #049)

I have been trying to sign up for Play! by Sephora for about a year now but they have never shipped to my area. Every month or two I would try to sign up and finally it worked last month! Sephora opened up their Play! subscriptions to Alaskan and Hawaiian residents (they unfortunately still do…

What is Birchbox Select Beta?

I get asked often what Birchbox Select Beta is so here’s a description and a summary of my personal experience with it the past three months.

Birchbox Skincare Sampler Kits Order

    I needed to try out some sunscreens for my face so decided to take a look at the sale section in Birchbox because they were having a special 40% off sale. It didn’t take me long to decide on the Birchbox Sampler: The Complete SPF Kit. It had a decent number of recognized brands and seemed better than the couple of other spf sets they had available.