Play! by Sephora September (Box #912)

  This is my third month subscribing to Play! by Sephora (subscriptions were opened to Alaskan and Hawaiian residents a few months ago. If you’re unfamiliar with Play! by Sephora here is a link to the description page.)


Play! by Sephora September Spoiler

Here are the products that will be featured in the September Play! by Sephora bags. Each subscriber will receive one of the following products in their bag:

My first Play! by Sephora (July 2017, bag #049)

I have been trying to sign up for Play! by Sephora for about a year now but they have never shipped to my area. Every month or two I would try to sign up and finally it worked last month! Sephora opened up their Play! subscriptions to Alaskan and Hawaiian residents (they unfortunately still do…

Play! by Sephora open to Alaska & Hawaii residents!!!

I have been trying to get Play! by Sephora for what seems like forever but it has never shipped to Alaska. I try every few months and last week I signed up! It now appears to be open to Hawaiian and Alaskan addresses but not territories, sorry you guys