My 2nd attempt at (simple) Nail Art

   I really liked the last simple nail art I did (post here) but it was time to attempt something slightly more detailed, and I truly mean slightly.

I saw this design on Pinterest and thought it was pretty but I don’t like hearts so thought it would be just as cute with flowers. I got some new gel polish colors in so was excited to do different color petals on each finger. Unfortunately both the greens I ordered ended up looking WAY different that they did online; the grass green was NEON green and the peridot sparkle was a grass green sparkle. Thankfully the definitely-not-peridot green will work as stems and leaves!


  1. Put on base coat and capped the tips, dry under UV light.
  2. Paint strip of white on the tips, cap, dry under UV light, repeat.
  3. Use thinnest straight line brush to create stems and leaves with the green (start from where flower goes, pulling down to nail tip), dry with UV light and repeat.
  4. Create petals with dotting tool, pulling out from center of flower. Dry under UV light and repeat.
  5. Paint on top coat and cap tips, dry under UV light, repeat.

20170801_105336   Gel Polish French Manicure with Flowers.  Simple, cute, but not for me.

Yao Shun Gel Polishes (purchased on

  • Blue Flower (188)
  • Orange Flower (115)
  • Purple Flower (113)
  • Yellow Flower (102)
  • Pink Flower (055)
  • Stems (176)

They look OKAY. I’m not very happy with them, and don’t think I’l be able to keep it on for more than the rest of the work week. I think they could look a little better with some practice but overall I think the look is just too cluttered for me. I think I would like this more with the flower maybe on just the thumb and ring finger  and a coat of glitter on top so the french is still the focus of the design.

I was really hoping to do a Pokemon them this time but the red I ordered looks super orange, so that will have to wait until I get an appropriate red gel polish!

Does anyone else do their own nail art or gel polishes at home? Let me know below in the comments!




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