Birchbox Select Beta

I get asked often what Birchbox Select Beta is so here’s a description and a summary of my personal experience with it the past three months. Birchbox (for those who are unfamiliar) is a monthly beauty subscription service sends you 5-6 product samples for $10/month, link if you’d like to try it out: Birchbox Sign-up. Use code ORIBESHINE to get a free travel-size Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream when you join or code MESMERIZE to get a Pixi by Petra Eye Shadow when you rejoin at checkout.


Birchbox Select Beta is a new subscription option offered by Birchbox. It is basically an upgraded version of the classic Birchbox, offering more options and customization. Birchbox Select subscribers receive 5 products per box and pay $15/ month to choose from the following options:

  1. Spotlight Box –  Choose a spotlight or curated box; these focus on something specific like eye products, summer products, products for wavy hair, etc. They have many to choose from each month and are normally priced at $15/box.
  2. Pick One, Skip One – Choose a product type to receive, choose a type not to receive.
  3. Swap for Points – Trade your box for points to spend in the shop.
  4. Other things that vary per month – for example $5 off anything from the shop that ships for free with your box that month.

The reasons I chose to go Birchbox Select – Beta:

  •  I don’t wear perfume and 6 samples a year (the minimum Birchbox profile lets you set) is still far too many,
  •  I don’t use shampoo and conditioner samples which are sent a lot,
  •  Birchbox for me is mainly a skincare subscription, I get my makeup samples from ipsy and Play! by Sephora, so being able to customize to ensure products I will use are included seems worth an extra $5 to me,
  •  I stopped subscribing to WIN! (low sample value) and 3B/Beauty Beyond Borders (sold off their business and basically said fuck you to their grandfathered in customers who had a $2/month discount) so though I could just pocket the $22 savings, I’m  easily justifying the $5 expense to test new waters and have more of a say in my subscription.

I am currently waiting for my third Birchbox Select Beta box to arrive. My first Select Beta box was not sent; they sent me a regular box instead, review here.  In brief, I was refunded the $15 and it was a decent box sent so +1 to them. My second Select Beta box arrived as ordered but the item I chose was too light for me to use, review here. I contacted Customer Service and they are sending me a replacement sample in the correct color, currently en route so another +1.

For all three of the months I’ve subscribed to Birchbox Select – Beta I have chosen the same option; Pick One, Skip One. Every month I have chosen to skip a fragrance. My picks have been (in order) Skincare – Exfoliator, Makeup – Eyebrow, Skincare – Eye. This month I took advantage of one of the Select bonus offers, $5 off an item that ships with your box. I chose the Acure Organics Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes (30 towelettes) priced at $6.99 that cost me $1.99.

It’s been a rocky beta ride so far but Birchbox Customer Service keeps making it right so I’m excited to see what makes it through for July!

Is anyone else trying Birchbox Beta? What has your experience been? Let me know below in the comments!

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All current Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself. But hey, if you wanna give me stuff to honestly review I’m in to that and anything like that will be disclosed.




About Epithelial Dreams

I am 37 years old. I have dry, aging, acne-prone skin with sun damage and pock marks caused from oil burns as a child. I live in a dry, arctic environment with extreme seasonal weather and light (from 5 hours to 20 hours of daylight) and I am often outside standing or walking in windy, below freezing weather.
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