Birchbox April 2017 Unboxing

The next paragraph is a bummer, skip to below the picture to avoid sad things!

It has been about 2 months since my last blog posts due to my father becoming deathly ill. He battled his very late diagnosed stage 4 cancers for about 9 weeks before dying on May 8th, 2017. He was 59. I don’t want to be a downer but life happens fast so don’t forget to get your recommended screenings and try to live a happy and healthy life while you’re here. On to the extremely late Birchbox April 2017 unboxing!

Birchbox (for those who are unfamiliar) is a monthly beauty subscription service sends you 5-6 product samples for $10/month, here’s my referral link if you’d like to try it out: Birchbox Sign-up. Use code BLENDME at checkout to get a FREE makeup-perfecting beautyblender micro mini when you join!

20170515_083333   This month’s Birchbox design is simple and gorgeous.

20170515_083552I adore the delicate colors and simple drawings in the box and on the product card.

     The first sample I received in my April 2017 Birchbox is a TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof Eau De Parfum (1 ml) vial. I don’t use perfumes, I think they are rude in public spaces however I have liked the few from TokyoMilk that I have sniffed previously so I will give this one a try sometime when it is just my boyfriend and I as he does like perfume. Next up is a sample tube Vasanti BrightenUp! New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer (.2 oz), I like Vasanti and my skin soaks up moisturizer faster than I can drink water so I am looking forward to trying this out. The third item in my box is a nearly full size tube (2 ml) of The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Imma Bawse. So far I haven’t been impressed with The Beauty Crop’s products, and it’s mostly lipsticks I can recall trying. I would have been much happier to get the shade Che Guava as it is a neutral mauve that I think would look very good on me. Imma Bawse is a very intense rusty red and I orange or rusty reds don’t do much to flatter my skintone or yellowing teeth.


The next Birchbox sample is a Number 4 Jour d’automne Sugar Texturizing Spray (1 oz). I am only familiar with this brand thorough Birchbox, it seems decent. Hair products are on my list of least favorite things to get in a beauty box but I will probably use this little bottle up pretty fast if it works. My last item in my April 2017 Birchbox is a Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick in Lavender + Sage (2.65 oz). Deodorant? Really Birchbox? I’m not sure why they would send this, nothing in my profile says that I am interested in body or bath products and it just feels weird to get deodorant in a beauty subscription box. Like did EVERYONE get this item because otherwise I don’t understand. Thankfully it is a full stick, not some little travel size (that would have just enraged subscribers, lol)!

     My April 2017 Birchbox contained the following 5 items: TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof Eau De Parfum ($.89 value), Vasanti BrightenUp! New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer ($3.50 value), The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Imma Bawse ($12 value), Number 4 Jour d’automne Sugar Texturizing Spray ($4 value), Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick in Lavender + Sage ($7 value) for a total sample value of $26.89. I’m not very happy with this month’s box; as with many of my Birchboxes there’s a hair product and a perfume sample which I am not a fan of, I’m disappointed in getting deodorant, and I have poor expectations of the liquid lipstick. Basically the $3.50 sample of moisturizer is the one thing I like, but I will use that damned deodorant on principle so this box has a better value to me.

How was your April Birchbox? DID YOU GET THE FUCKING DEODORANT?!

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-All current Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself. But hey, if you wanna give me stuff to honestly review I’m in to that and anything like that will be disclosed.


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