My Last Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) Bag (February 2017)

I very sadly present my last Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) unboxing.

     The 3B bag arrived in different packaging this month! It usually comes in a bright orange-red box similar to the ones Birchboxes come in, this month it came it a bubble envelope like ipsy and WIN, except this one was gray and not as stiff. As per the norm the 3B contents were bundled in a thin organza bag.


I like the look of this bag already!

     The first item out of the February 2017 Beauty beyond Borders bag is the WEI Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser (1 oz). Most of the WEI products I have tried have been from 3B, and I like what I’ve tried so far. I am pretty happy with my current cleanser (CosRX’s Low pH Good Morning Cleanser) but use sample size KB cleansers in the shower or at the gym so this will be happily used very soon! The next product up is a My beauty Diary’s Squalene Restorative Mask.  I have a lot of sheet masks so often when I receive one in a box it gets put under the stack of older masks so I don’t end up with a lot of expired ones. This one I used right away. My face has been dry and red due to the harsh cold, wind, and my AHA usage recently so the thought of a squalene mask sounded like a dream. AND IT WAS. Instant and next day hydration, so much gratification.

The third product in the 3B bag is DHC Care’s Deep Cleansing Oil (1 oz). SCORE! I am about a week or two away from finishing my last sample cleansing oil (Manyo Factory’s Herb Green Cleansing Oil, also sent by 3B) and was hoping I’d get another sample to try instead of wading through the muck and choosing one. Love the brand, needed the product. A tube of SkinRx’s MadeCera Cream (.17 oz) is the fourth sample this month. I am not terribly familiar with this brand but tried one of their MadeCera sheet masks last month and I really liked the serum so I have decent hopes for this cream.

The final sample product in the February 3B bag is a Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strips from TheFaceShop. This is the only item in the bag I’m not in to. It seems like a whole lot of time and effort to probably not make any difference on how my nose pores look. 3 strips? BHAs and mud mask please, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Awesome 3B product card:


20170223_1107151.jpg          My February 2017 Beauty Beyond Borders bag contained the following 5 items: WEI’s Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser ($6 value),  My beauty Diary’s Squalene Restorative Mask ($1.50 value),  DHC Care’s Deep Cleansing Oil ($4.29 value),  Skin Rx’s MadeCera Cream ($12 value), TheFaceShop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strips ($2.50 value) for a total sample value of $27.29. All in all a great bag and a good value for $12.


     So why is it the last bag? Here is the email they sent me after I had gotten my February bag:


I’m pretty bummed about this for a couple of reasons. First off I love 3B, it’s my favorite beauty subscription service: deluxe samples, decent price, all Asian, and all skincare. Secondly, I just purchased 6 month gift subscriptions for friends so now I have to get them new gifts and explain why. a third reason is that they didn’t really offer any sort of apology for issuing refunds. Lastly, I was paying the “grandfathered” price of $12/ month instead of the new subscriber rate of $14-$15. It sounds like they will be back up and running under a different name and I really hope they offer some sort of deal to old subscribers because I am soured on the whole situation. Truly unfortunate, 3B was really great compared to similar services like WIN?

Did any of you ever subscribe to 3B or WIN? Know of any other Asian Skincare sample subscription services?

-I’m on Reddit at /r/asianbeauty r/beautyboxes r/koreanbeauty r/skincareaddiction

-All Reviews or unboxings are done on my current subscriptions and orders, based on need and impulse, and have been paid for by myself. But hey, if you wanna give me stuff to honestly review I’m in to that.



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