What is Next (WIN)? December 2016 Unboxing

This is my first month of the WIN? Beauty Kit.  It’s an Asian beauty themed subscription service ($14/month) , the website describes the bag as containing  “5-6  curated samples with at least one full-sized item” and comes in a collectible bag. I like the cheaper beauty boxes since they usually contain deluxe sample sizes and give me the opportunity to try things on my finicky face before committing to the full-size. I also really like when they come in bags, I keep the ones I like and give away or make sample kits for people in the ones I’m not fond of. I heard of WIN? through various subreddits, had been thinking about getting it for a few months, and finally signed up for the service in early December. I didn’t realize there was a wait-list or I would have signed up when I first started thinking about it. A few weeks later an email let me know I could sign-up for the service. I was surprised that a few days after signing up for the subscription I received an email saying my box was shipping, I thought I was going to have to wait until the January box shipped!


WIN? ships their packages fast! Unlike Birchbox and ipsy that go at a super slow rate, this got to me in Alaska on day 4. Like ipsy, the WIN? Beauty Kit comes in an attractive, metallic bubble envelope but this one is…gold! The December WIN? bag is white with a floral print and is larger and thicker than the standard ipsy bag, it is a keeper for me; I like floral prints and I appreciate both the larger than standard size and the ample thickness.


Thankfully they also include a product card! As with the Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) bag most of the products do not have instructions or ingredients in English.


The first item in the bag is Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads (10 sheets). I already use their Collagen Eye Zone masks regularly and have a tried a few of their other products so am excited to try something different from them. Although I don’t place much value on the aesthetics of a product the pads are hecka cute, they look like cucumber slices and are really saturated. I will do a mini-review of these later after I make it through the pack. The next item is Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm SPF30/PA++ Gold (7 g). I have tried this BB in the Pink version and I hated it so I am not sure I even want to try this one. I tend to have better success with CC creams and since this is a deluxe sample rather than a one or two use I’d like to give it to someone who can use it as opposed to opening it and using it once.

The next two products are both from Package: the Bouncy Everyday Facial Mask (25 g) and the Melt Me Away Softly Nose Strip (5 g). The packaging on both these items is adorable and pastel. The mask description says it contains honey extract, propolis extract, and hyaluronic acid. Like most Asian beauty enthusiast I’m totally in love with sheet masks and am always down to try a new one but wonder how well it will fit. The nose strip isn’t a peel off and the package is filled pretty well with the serum, card describes it as melting the sebum and blackheads away. I have never had much luck with nose strips/products. Keeping my skin exfoliated and hydrated seems to keep my SFs and blackheads to a minimum but I’ll give it a try sometime instead if a clay mask.

The fifth item in the bag is the Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity capsule mask (10 ml). Another new brand to me! Instructions say to apply gently, leave on for 10 minutes while it tingles (will probably irritate a lot of people’s sensitive skin), then wash off by breaking the dragon fruit particles. Claims to do 8 different things, so I am skeptical. Last up is the Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack (15 ml) which they included two of. I am meh about hair products, I have too many damn conditioner packs. I will probably end up giving these away.

The What is Next? (WIN) Beauty Kit December 2016 bag included 6 items: Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads ($1.36 value), Skinn79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm SPF30/PA++ Gold ($3.62 value), Package Bouncy Everyday Face mask ($3.64 value), Package Melt Me Away Softly Nose Strip ($1.20 value), and the Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity mask ($3.33 value), Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack ($1.35 value) for a total value of $14.50. I’m probably not going to use two of the items but am being introduced to two new Asian beauty brands and like (so will keep and use) the bag it came in. I am not sure which of these items is supposed to be considered the “full-sized” item. I suppose the 5 days of cucumber eye mask could be but these are really low-cost items and generally seem to be sold in multiples online. Unfortunately the value of the box is a mere $.50 more than the cost. I will definitely give it another month seeing as it is only my first bag but this bag has the lowest value to cost ratio of any beauty subscription I have ever received and I wasn’t really excited to try any of these products.


Link to What is Next Beauty Kit website: winbeautykit.com

I am also on Reddit at /r/asianbeauty

* I pay for all subscriptions and products myself. Reviews or unboxings are based on my current subscriptions and orders based on need and impulse.




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I am 37 years old. I have dry, aging, acne-prone skin with sun damage and pock marks caused from oil burns as a child. I live in a dry, arctic environment with extreme seasonal weather and light (from 5 hours to 20 hours of daylight) and I am often outside standing or walking in windy, below freezing weather.
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